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Avoiding Chronic Absenteeism

Data has shown that students who attend school regularly achieve at much higher levels than those who are frequently absent. The holidays are upon us and we all have things to do, places to be and people to see. However, we are asking that Liholiho families make it a point to schedule family trips/vacations in accordance with scheduled Department of Education breaks. Planning a trip during non-scheduled breaks may same some money in the short-term, however, the chance that you might put your child's education in jeopardy could have long-term consequences! A letter was sent home explaining the Department of Education's definition of Chronic Absenteeism. Please read it and give your child the greatest gift ever, a wonderful education!!!

Practicing Internet Safety

Practicing internet safety is of paramount importance in today's digital world. Please remember that your smartphone provides access to information, both good and bad. We have been made aware that some parents allow their children to "use their smartphones unattended while here at school." Please be aware that a quick stroke of the keyboard or click of a button can expose your child, and others around or near them, to inappropriate content. Please click on the link above to learn tips about basic internet safety.

Safety Issue - Student Pick-Up After School on 9th Avenue NOT ALLOWED

Please be aware that students are not allowed to wait for parents on the 9th Avenue side of campus. Parents who are unable to pick up students in a timely manner have the following options:
1) Enrollment in the Kama'aina Kids A+ Afterschool Program
2) Enrollment in a myriad of afterschool programs provided at our school.

USDA Food and Nutrition Guidelines

The Federal Government subsidizes school lunches in order to make it affordable for all families. Thus, certain rules and regulations must be followed. Please see the attached information.

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