Students will return to school in person daily on the following dates: April 5-Grs. K-2,  April 12-Gr. 3,  April 19-Gr. 4 & April 26-Gr. 5  Masks must be worn by students!

Liholiho Elementary

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Principal's Message

Copy of letter emailed to parents regarding updated April plans for in-person learning
Dear Parents/Guardians, students and community,
     Grades K-3 students have returned to daily in person on campus learning.  It
is delightful to see and hear the students responding positively to their peers,
teachers and our staff.  We thank you and our teachers for adhering to the the staggered
Drop Off/Pick Up schedule!  During the next two weeks, students in Grades 4 and 5 will
also return daily for on campus instruction.
     Be aware of strangers in the Kaimuki, Kapahulu and surrounding areas.  Reports
from community members and parents sharing sightings of strangers looking into cars
or on their properties have surfaced.  If you have experienced an incident around our
school campus, call the office to inform us.  It appears incidences have increased in all
neighborhoods around the island during the pandemic.  Kindly instruct your child(ren)
to use caution if they walk to and from school, around the neighborhood or in shopping malls.
Have children pair up with another student when they walk.
     The Governor and DOE are anticipating the full opening of schools for the 2021-22 SY.
We will keep you informed of changes that may occur during the next few months.
Mahalo for all your caring and understanding as the school addresses this year's
Christina Small, Principal