Thank you for participating in our Parent/Teacher Conferences!  Students will return to the regular dismissal times on Monday, November 8th.

Liholiho Elementary

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Liholiho Reindeer Rumpus (Dec. 6 - 10)

Liholiho Reindeer Rumpus (Dec. 6 - 10)

Mele Kalikimaka, Liholiho Community!

In place of a Turkey Trot, the Laulima PTA Board is introducing The Liholiho Reindeer Rumpus, a fundraiser that supports wellness, as well as, creativity!

Students will seek pledges, either a flat rate or a donation per lap prior to their PE class during the week of December 6 - 10, 2021.
The day of the rumpus, homeroom teachers are asked to take their students to PE class and assist Coach Kelly in marking student lap cards as they run laps around the field in reindeer attire!
Students will bring their own pre-filled water bottles and place them in a designated place (table) slightly off-course to avoid safety and tripping issues.

Students will make "reindeer" paper masks (provided by the school) and reindeer antler headbands. Both the decorated mask and antler headband should be worn for the rumpus to create a festive mood. Ex.: Use non-toxic crayons and hot glue pom-poms to the mask. If it's determined that students may be hampered by wearing a headband with antlers during the rumpus, students will not have to wear them.

After the rumpus, all donations will go to the office to be put in the PTA mailbox. A flyer will be sent home in the November 18 Thursday Folder with more information.

Thank you for supporting Liholiho Laulima PTA!

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