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August 2020 Principal's Message 2

Dear Parents/Guardians, Students and Community Members,
The Governor and the Superintendent announced changes to the beginning of school schedule last Friday, due to the pandemic.  Students will return to school in small groups to mitigate exposure to the virus.  Students will attend school on a half day schedule. Teachers have divided their students alphabetically.  The following is the schedule:
         Monday, August 17:            Last names beginning with A-F
         Tuesday, August 18:            Last names beginning with G-K
         Wednesday, August 19:      Last names beginning with L-P
         Thursday, August 20:          Last names beginning with Q-Z
         August 24-September 11   Students will be on Distance Learning
Congratulations to Coach Kelly Majam Elms who is our Farrington, Kaiser and Kalani Complex Area Teacher of the Year!   She is a contender for the State Teacher of the Year award!  Thank you to Coach Kelly for filming the school's attached video showing the 6' distance in classrooms and walkways around the school.  Coach Kelly and Coach Holden will be monitoring the new Drop Off/Pick Up procedures on 9th Ave.  Grades 3-5 students will enter school via the 9th Ave. parking lot. Grades PreK, K-2 and Multiple Siblings will continue to utilize the  8th Ave. Drop Off/Pick Up site.  Kindergarten teachers created a special schedule which is being shared with their parents/guardians.  Kindly adhere to the following Grade Level Drop Off/Pick Up schedules listed below:
           Drop Off:         8th Ave.                          9th Ave.         
                     8:00       Gr. 2                                Gr. 3
                     8:10       Gr. 1                                Gr. 4
                     8:20       -------                                Gr. 5
         Pick Up:             8th Ave.                          9th Ave.
                     11:20     Gr. 2                                 Gr. 3
                     11:35     Gr. 1                                 Gr. 4
                     11:45     --------                                Gr. 5
"Grab and Go" breakfasts and lunches will be served.  Breakfast opens at 7:30 a.m.  Parents/guardians are not allowed on campus to limit student exposure to illnesses.  Just a friendly reminder about the importance of having your child(ren) wear a face mask and keeping your child(ren) at home if he or she show signs of being ill.  Teachers will review handwashing protocol with their classes.
We would like to welcome to our Ohana, Mr. Alan Lau, Grade 4 teacher from Kuhio Elementary, Counselor David Bayne from St. Louis School and School Behavioral Therapist, Jennifer Narimatsu from Waikiki Elementary.
Aloha and See You Soon!
Mrs. Christina Small, Principal